OCT Scan

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging test. OCT uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina. This allows your doctor to see the distinct layers of the retina, map and measure the thickness of these layers. These scans especially help in diagnosing disorders of the macula and optic nerve. OCT scans can help guide treatment for glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, macular edema, diabetic eye disease, macular hole, epiretinal membrane, choroidal neovascular membranes, and many other problems that can manifest within the retina. 

This is the most common diagnostic tool used in the office and only takes seconds to perform. No bright flashes of light are needed and is very easy for the patient. Your photographer will get you comfortably aligned in the headrest of the camera. During the test, an infrared line will be scanning your retina from top to bottom, but it will be helpful if you can focus on looking straight ahead. You may notice a white or blue target light to help your eyes focus. Blinking while taking the test will not affect the quality of the pictures and may prevent your eyes from becoming too dry while staring.  

At Retina Specialists of Michigan we have the most cutting edge equipment available to help take the best care of our patients. Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) is the newest technology that allows us to check blood flow through retinal vessels without using contrast dye. Infrared light is bounced off moving red blood cells through a series of 500+ pictures taken within a minute. This shorter reaction time, non-invasive nature, and tracking software give it some advantages over traditional fluorescein angiography (FA). However, it does not replace the standard FA in measuring possible fluid leakage within the retina, or imaging non-central areas of the retina. 

Our physicians will choose the right test for you to help determine the health of your eyes and vision. Our talented staff will quickly and effortlessly guide you through your visit, obtaining all the tests needed for the doctor to properly diagnose and treat your specific needs. Call 616 954 2020 and make your appointment today.