Intravitreal Injections

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One of the most common procedures that we do are intravitreal injections. Eye injections are one of the best tools that current medical practices have to preserve your vision for many conditions. Macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusions, and edema caused by diabetic retinopathy are some of the sight robbing conditions that may be treated with intravitreal injections of medicine. This can sound scary and intimidating, but at Retina Specialists of Michigan, our goal is to make you comfortable. That’s why we use extra anesthetic techniques than lots of other doctors to make certain that your eye is truly numb, and you have the best experience that you possibly can. It may mean that your visit takes an extra ten minutes, but our patients find that a small price to pay to have such a smooth visit.

After we numb the eye, our doctors use an iodine-based antiseptic to scrub the eye and eyelid to help prevent infection from bacteria near the eye. The eye is then allowed to get full benefit of the numbing process for five to ten minutes so that you will feel as little to no pain at all. The doctor will ask you to look in a certain direction as they use a thin needle to safely inject the medicine through the white part of the eye into the vitreous gel. You should not ever see the needle coming and most of our patients are very pleasantly surprised to hear that the procedure is finished, and their worries were unfounded.

Fortunately, complications following intravitreal injections are rare. You may notice that your eye feels scratchy or tired for a few hours. Or you may notice that your eye is bloodshot or you have bloody tears. You should call us at (616) 954-2020 if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Eye pain or severe discomfort
  • Your vision gets markedly worse
  • You are especially sensitive to light
  • You see lots of new floaters or your vision seems foggy